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How We Help Our Clients

5 Stars

Can’t Say Enough Great Things
"We have worked with Kyle and Nate for a few years now. Can’t say enough great things about their work and communication, their understanding of Sacramento, and the industry. They’ve helped us have great success on every property we have worked with on and honestly, it’s been fun to work with them."

Mark Berger, Curtis Park
5 Stars

Appreciate Their Timely Responses
"We’ve worked with Grow since 2010. They have been instrumental in the purchasing and management of our rental properties. Appreciate their timely responses, thorough input and work, great flexibility, and strong work ethic."

Kelly Vaughn, South Land Park
5 Stars

Top Notch Human Beings
"Have known Nate and Kyle for close to 30 years. Top notch human beings, who will work hard to make sure that the property owners and their renters are well taken care of. They will create a win/win for both sides."

Jim Kiniris, East Sacramento
5 Stars

They Have a Fantastic Pulse on the Market
"We work with Grow Properties on both their buy/sell and rent/management sides of the house. The entire team on the frontlines and behind the scenes does an incredible job. They have a fantastic pulse on the market, wide-reaching relationships, and great communication. Could not be happier across the board. Feel grateful to have been referred to them. Can’t go wrong."

Jesse Martin, Arden Park
5 Stars

Very Capable, Reasonable, and Cordial
"I’ve rented through Nate Grow for over a decade. He is very capable, reasonable, and cordial - qualities that go a long way for me (especially since I myself am not always cordial)."

Kyle Lehner, Tahoe Park and Campus Commons
5 Stars

The Best, the Most Experienced, and the Most Trusted
"I have been with Grow Properties for over a decade, and each year I am increasingly grateful for not only the work that they do, but the peace of mind that I have, knowing that I have people who care about me and my property.

I initially switched to Grow Properties after two very disastrous years as a landlord, owning a home in Sacramento. The first year, I used a different property management company and there were countless small errors and three major disasters which made me distrust property managers in general.

So, the next year I decided I would deal with it myself. This was a little bit better, but was still not successful. I was extraordinarily busy with work, and I made some real mistakes.

Out of options, I decided to try again with a property management company… Though I was pretty doubtful.

Here I am nearly 15 years later and I am so happy, so impressed, and primarily so grateful for everything that Grow Properties does.

I live and work in another state, and yet I have managed to completely remodel my kitchen, make multiple improvements on the house, nearly double the rent that I am paid, and it is Nate Grow and Grow Properties that have made this possible.

Just 10 days ago, I urgently required a new roof to be put on the house, for insurance purposes. I thought it would be impossible to get a new roof on my house, last minute (in winter!) but it was done within a week.

It took two phone calls and about 10 texts, and seven days later I had a new roof.

Maybe more importantly, I trust the work. Grow Properties shines— consistent, professional, trustworthy, and high-quality work. Grow Properties has given me many nights of sleep, and peace of mind for countless days. Grow Properties doesn’t just take care of your house… They take care of you.

A thousand thanks to Grow Properties, you are the best property management company in Sacramento. If my opinion matters, then Grow Properties is the best property management company in California, and in the world."

Tasha, Elmhurst
5 Stars

All of Your Investment Needs Within One Company
"Since 2010 we have been with Grow Properties. We initially went with Grow Properties because of their belief in our goals as investors. Nate, Kyle and their team looked at our property and saw the potential in our investment that we saw ourselves. From the beginning Grow Properties have had a pragmatic approach to our investments.

Over the past 13 years we’ve brought other properties under the Grow Properties umbrella, with each property under their care successfully managed.

The following are some examples of why we’ve chosen Grow Properties to manage our properties.

One example is their vision for the investment. The team looks at the investment, and determines what upgrades would be beneficial, and what maintenance needs to be done to ensure a safe and profitable property.

Another example is Grow’s commitment to improve their business practices. Recently they migrated their online owner’s portal management system to a new platform. At first I was not excited about this transition as I liked the ease of use of the existing system, but the new system is more efficient at handling disbursements to owners and has similar features of the previous system. While this was more work for Nate, Kyle and their team, they took the initiative to create an improved experience for their clients.

The last example is that Nate and Kyle work as a team, bringing all your investment needs within one company. Kyle uses his real estate experience to identify potential property investments and can guide you through the financing part of the purchase or refinance. Prior to our last property purchase, Kyle took time to create a financial analysis of the property we were considering. Kyle determined we would hit a breakeven point on this investment within 18 months of purchasing the property. As Kyle’s analysis predicted, right on the 18th month of owning the property we began a positive cash flow.

Nate brings many years of construction and management expertise to the business. Nate will analyze a property and let you know what needs and upgrades a property needs in order to stay competitive with other properties as well as ensuring that the property meets safety needs for tenants. Nate is always straight forward about the property needs and knows each one of the tenants extremely well.

Nate and Kyle of Grow Properties are honest, sincere, and practical businessmen that seek to ensure the success of property investments. I would encourage anyone looking for a quality company to reach out to them and find out how they can support your investment needs."

Dennis Vaughn, Downtown Sacramento
5 Stars

Impressed with the Level of Professionalism
"I am pleasantly impressed with the level of professionalism, organization, and overall customer service that I have witnessed from everyone with your company or contracted thereof. It is a very nice feeling to have that."

Mercedes, Elmhurst tenant turned Garden of the Gods homeowner
5 Stars

There’s Nobody Out There Better!
"My family and I wanted to move back to California from Washington State after I got out of the Navy. We called Grow Properties and asked for their assistance in finding a nice home for our family. They were always available and helped us find a rental home in a great neighborhood. When we had any issues come up with our rental, we were amazed that it was fixed right away!

After a little over a year in our rental, our search started for a house to call our own. We went back to Grow Properties and their amazing staff to help us. Even though we were looking for houses in an area over 40 minutes away from their office, they made the commute on more than one occasion to help us. Additionally, our agent made herself available while on vacation and late at night to answer any questions that we had. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is! With their help, we found a house that we LOVE! My family and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the staff of Grow Properties and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a house! There’s nobody out there better!"

Jeff & Stephanie, Rocklin
5 Stars

Grow Makes Me Feel Like a Valued Tenant
"I have lived in the Midtown/East Sac area for several years now and have worked with several property managers. The biggest difference between the others and Grow Properties is that Grow makes me feel like a valued tenant. I feel respected by everyone that works at Grow Properties. For example, I had a problem with a neighbor in my duplex. Even though I initially thought my issue was a minor one, Grow handled it immediately and made sure that my living situation was safe and comfortable. Very responsive!"

Lauren, East Sacramento
5 Stars

Managed to Find Tenants Almost Instantly
"I was looking to rent my house about a year ago and contracted with Grow Properties after reading all the glowing reviews from Yelp. Grow Properties worked with me from the beginning about the renting process and managed to find tenants almost instantly. They handled all the necessary payments and kept me informed about the status of my house and whether repairs needed to be made throughout this whole time. Everything was kept simple. I was happy to find the place had been properly maintained by the time I moved back into my home a year later. The whole Grow Properties crew deserve a lot of credit for working hard to maintain the integrity of the property management business."

Porfirio, Natomas
5 Stars

Talk About Stress-Free!
"We used Grow Properties to rent out our home in Elk Grove. We will do the month-to-month management ourselves. (However, they also can do the full-service management if you desire.) They also were able to perform or contract out maintenance and repairs, which was extremely helpful. The house needed carpet shampoo, touch-up painting, yard cleanup, re-keying and a few other items. All told, it only took 4 weeks to repair and clean, hold the open house, find a suitable renter and get them moved in!

Talk about stress-free! I highly recommend them and will definitely call the next time we need property management services."

Barbara, Elk Grove
5 Stars

Have Turned our Properties Around
"After going through multiple property managers in Sacramento who wasted our time and money by bringing in bad tenants that ruined our properties, we were lucky to find Grow Properties who have turned our properties around. Nate is ethical, professional, and knows what he is doing. They also have the rental process down to a science with organization, technology and great customer service. I would wholeheartedly refer this business in a heartbeat!"

Jill, Sacramento